Monday, January 21, 2013

There's a foreclosed home in my neighborhood!

One of the most popular emails we receive is "There's a foreclosed home in my neighborhood, what do I do? Who do I contact? How do I get it cleaned up?"

I'm sure we've all seen one or a dozen... A perfectly good home, sitting vacant, for months. Overgrown grass, garbage strewn across the yard. How can those involved in the foreclosure industry allow this to happen?

Let's be clear... the average foreclosure takes approximately 120 days to widdle its way through the process, to finally become a "job" for us. We agree, this is SAD!

I always suggest that a concerned neighbor should try to inform someone about the "eye-sore". In Washington State, many of our County Tax Assessor websites have (somewhat) easy-to-find property information online.

Here are a few quick links...




Property owner information should help you narrow down who to contact. Be the squeeky wheel. Let them know you're not happy!

Bank of America is kind enough to provide an easy site to report poor property conditions... you can visit their site HERE, if the property is owned by them.

There is nothing better than showing up with our fleet of trucks & trailers to clean a home, and having neighbors come over to show their appreciation. We love what we do, we're good at it, and we bring the value back to your neighborhood!

Check out our Facebook page for recent project photos, and if you're in need of professional property preservation, we're here to help!

~Erika McInnis, Owner, Legacy M LLC